We are located in the outpatient department of the Middle East
Institute Of Health (MEIH,
Obesity & Weight Control Center,
Bsalim - El Metn, Lebanon

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  • Diet Program
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Your journey begins right here...
We are a team of experienced Dietitians who are dedicated to understanding the diverse needs of each and every individual. Our passion is to coach and guide you throughout the way, making sure you reach your ultimate short and long term health goals and wasting no time in getting there.

At COCP our success lies in our teamwork ability to help you achieve and exceed your nutritional targets. We place great emphasis on teaching you how to make informed nutritional choices enabling you and your loved ones to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Our approach is a lifestyle program that focuses on your overall health and is best represented in the following diagram:

Personalized diet program
Nutritional Assessment Personalized diet Follow-up sessions Success
  • Clinical exam
  • Laboratory tests
  • Body composition analysis
  • Food & calorie intake
  • Medical condition
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Eating patterns
  • Personal taste
  • Food allergies / intolerances
  • Weight loss/gain monitoring
  • Dietary compliance
  • Diet adjustments
  • Patient dietary education
  • Target weight
  • Fat loss/gain
  • Muscle gain

There is no such thing as weight loss / management tip or menu plan that is suitable for everyone. We individualize each and every recommendation and diet regimen based on each individual needs.

The COCP weight management program offers you a variety of dietary plans and health cautious programs to provide you with the best results. Together we choose what suits you best and can make it happen.

Personalized Nutritional Diet Plan Medically Supervised Diet Food Catering Program Diet & Fitness package
Children’s Corner Intra-Gastric Balloon Program Special Packages Nutrition for a healthy Pregnancy
Post- Surgery diet program Anti-Cancer Diet Detox Diet

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

We work with a specialized medical team to choose a program tailored for you to ensure success! We will do everything to help you look and feel fabulous!


"Weight loss surgery helps morbidly obese patients achieve significant and long term weight loss."


  • “If you are in doubt, don’t be as long you have the more than capable hands of Dr. Georges Al Hajj and his excellent medical team.
    It’s from the rarest occasions that we are blessed to have such robust team to look after our health and wellbeing.

    My sincere appreciation goes to Dr. Georges Al Hajj, Dr. Rodrigue Chemaly and every member of their comprehensive team at COCP.

    Well done on setting new standard for a personalized medical services, chapeau.”

    Ahmad Yousef