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About Obesity
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  • Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death following smoking.
  • Obesity is a serious, chronic disease that is defined as high body fat compared to lean body mass. It results from many factors; but mainly genetic and environmental factors.
  • The excess body fat is distributed differently from a subject to another: some may develop peripheral (gynoid) obesity; others build up central (android) obesity or a combination of the two. The android obesity is more serious than the gynoid since it is frequently associated with health problems.

The neurobiological approach in psychiatry tries to find the link between neurotransmitters function and behaviors. Some regions of the brain (thalamic nuclei) have a clear role in appetite and eating behavior.

Psychiatric assessment and diagnosis are essential in seeing beyond the symptom. In fact obesity is a symptom in several disorders:

  • ADHD, depression, chronic anxiety in the form of emotional eating
  • Bipolar disorder and eating disorders in the form of binging and bulimia
  • Psychosis in the form of lack of motivation
  • Some drugs in the form of “munchies”.

In order to win the war on obesity, you need to deal with the whole iceberg and not only melt what’s above water level.

Some psychiatric medications have more proven and safe effects than diet pills that cause more harm than good.
About Obesity

"The risks of any weight loss surgery are outweighed by the long term risks of all associated obesity related diseases."


  • G.A Total weight loss of 45kgs in 9 months Pre-Operative Health Conditions: Sleep Apnea, Dyspnea, Reflux & High blood pressure
    Before my operation I weighed 150 kg. I was always tired, had high blood pressure and acid reflux. I was out of breath and feeling sleepy all day long due to my sleep apnea. I did not like the way I looked or felt. I was always worried what other people thought of my appearance. I underwent a Sleeve Gastrectomy . One year later, no high blood pressure, and freed from my CPAP machine. I was able to go to a regular store and buy clothes right off the rack. I feel great! I have a 2 year oId son and I am sure I will be able to see him grow up! " G.A